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About Us

ETC Co-founders and Master Instructors Jim Showalter and Bob Ashmore have each studied and taught Tai Chi Chuan since the early 1980's. Both are Affiliated Instructors of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association and have earned the rank of Golden Eagle in their system.  

As an International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association Affiliated School, Everyday Taiji Cooperative
is proud to offer Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan as taught by Grand Master Yang Jun, Fifth Generation lineage holder of the Yang family.

We are Affiliated with the Association through the Michigan Tai Chi Center and our Center Director is Master Han Hoong Wang. 


Everyday Taiji Co-op is dedicated to teaching the arts of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in a fashion that is distinctly American while, at the same time, retains the essence of the Chinese culture from which it came.  

For information:
Call us at: (502) 209-8501
Or Email us: Info@everydaytaiji.com

Everyday Taiji Cooperative, LLC

Lexington, Frankfort, Georgetown KY

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